Jaime Waliczek

Photo credit: Warren Woo

Jaime Waliczek

Artistic Director

Jaime Waliczek took dance classes growing up in Chicago at Gus Giordano and Studio Two while doing high level competitive gymnastics.  She continued her training at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. After moving to Seattle, Jaime performed with the Eastside Moving Company from 2000-2002, working with people like Deborah Wolf and Wade Madsen, and whet her choreography appetite by created her first modern work. After that, Jaime started teaching yoga and performing full time when she danced with Fusion Dance, Better Biscuit, XODO, Unexpected, R Dance, and Seattle Jazz along with DASS Dance and the Seattle Opera, as dance captain. She then worked with some choreographers at the University of Washington while she completed her Master’s degree in nutrition and with Angela Harriell for Nutcracker Rated R and other of her works while living in NYC for the 2007 season. In addition to her work with Jerboa Dance, Jaime’s choreography has been shown in the DUMBO festival, the Cool NY festival, DNA Works in Progress, and guest performances for events and shows including Around the World in 80 Sips and Trip and Fall. Her extensive background in gymnastics and yoga inform her movement and choreography. Jaime loves performing but has an intense itch to create works as well and is excited to be back from her hiatus starting a family to get back on stage.